The creators of NIFTY first came to us back in December 2015 to develop the brand for a product they were developing. The product was a mobile charger with goals of impacting the market as the most powerful charging device. Not only was it powerful but it also was created with design in mind — it didn’t only function but it was also beautifully built.

Our first task was to build a logo for the product. Some of the ideas we explored were influenced by the beauty and power of it. We wanted to emphasize those two important elements, after all, those were some of the most defining aspects of the product. Customers would want a NIFTY because it works better than other power banks and it’s stylish.

First Generation

With that in mind, we built logos that showcased power, movement, change, and transformation. Through that process, the team realized that a simpler solution that highlighted instead the elegance of the product was a more appropriate direction. With that defined, we built the NIFTY logotype.

Logo Exploration: Before / After

As we developed the brand, the creators of NIFTY also updated its aesthetic and upgraded it’s technology. The product went through several revisions: colors were explored and then defined, textures were incorporated and changed, its lights became more stylish, among other changes.

Aesthetic Exploration: Before / After

The packaging also went through several revisions. The original design was created by Nosh Studio. We provided creative direction and were also responsible for all the revisions that took place as the project progressed.

Packaging Exploration: Before

The box was originally the same color as the NIFTY — if a customer bought a red NIFTY, the box would be red.

Packaging Exploration: After

Packaging Exploration: Cables

Packaging Exploration: NIFTY Badge

We were also responsible for designing the contents inside the box such as the Quick Start, thank you cards, stickers, etc.

Packaging Exploration: In the box

We put a team together (ACVDO Co+ NIFTY + Never Sleep) to create a video for a technology summit. We shot it at Made at the Citadel, our then studio space, with an aim to showcase all the features of the product in hopes of landing retailer interest.

Production: Behind the Scenes

Production: Final Video Screenshots

All in all this was roughly a year-and-a-half collaboration that continues to this day as we develop marketing and advertising materials for the product. We want to thank the NIFTY team for allowing us to be part of this amazing process!

If you’re interested in the product’s capabilities and would like to purchase one, check out their site >