Angel & I moved into our brand new studio at MADE at the Citadel last week and slowly we’ve settled in with the help of IKEA and many years of art & book collecting. As soon as we signed our lease, we started dreaming of all the things we could do. Personally, I have dreamt of how I’d decorate my little studio every time I got a poster, a sticker, or saw someone else’s; and I’m sure Angel did too. The closer we got to finishing, the more we knew the studio wouldn’t be quite done until we saw our logo on a wall for the very first time. So we decided to collaborate with Arturo, a local Sign Painter, to get the job done.

This is Arturo. He’s from Cuba and he only speaks Spanish. As he told us, he’s been painting since he was seven. We asked him if he’d ever retire and he replied,

"No, I love what I do!"

With that passion and dedication, he painted our very first logo, a gesture we’ll never forget. He meticulously measured and painted every curb & line. It was incredible and fun to watch!

We are so happy and privileged to be able to share these moments with our friends & to be able to collaborate with people that love what they do as much as we do.

We hope you enjoy these images and if you ever need someone to paint something of yours, let us know, Arturo is more than happy to help!