Our Studio

We are a design haus based in Miami, Florida led by Angel A. Acevedo and Karielys Cruz with a range of multi-disciplinary skills ranging from branding to marketing in both print and digital. We are a team of passionate folk with a network of colleagues and friends in various industries at our disposal. We love what we do and consider ourselves fortunate to live out our dreams. Our 15+ years of experience has rendered us knowledge to varying facets of our industry, especially to the significance our work has on business success.


We want to gain a grasp of your awesome project. It will help us develop realistic expectations and recommendations.

  • Research — Familiarize ourselves with your project. Our findings will develop our recommendations & inform our strategy.
  • Strategy — Once we know the ins & outs of your project, it’s time to make a roadmap. Our recommendations will create the visual language to meet your brand goals.


We want to help you communicate with your customer. Part of the success of your product and/or service is in how well it communicates.

  • We want to create marketing materials that encourage your customers to laugh, cry, be excited and be cool too.

  • Your customer should feel the value of your brand.

  • Your product and/or service has value; we want to invest in it and help it grow.


It is essential for your product or service to clearly and consistently communicate who you are and who you want to be.

  • Your brand should convey a personality, it should communicate all of the qualities that differentiate your product or service.
  • Your brand should also reflect and inform the perceptions and emotional attachments of your consumers. We want to help develop and define your brand so that it’s consistently heard and recognized.

Digital Design

We believe that your online presence is part of how well your brand is perceived and how much the reach and growth of your product and/or service is.

  • How well you’re established online, influences how your product and/or service feels, how it’s experienced, and how it’s shared.

  • Your online presence also affects how easy and quickly it is for you to communicate with your customer.


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