Vossen VLE-1

Vossen Wheels

Vossen Limited Edition VLE-1 Campaign


Creative Direction
Anthony Anderson

Brand Development
Creative Direction
Marketing Design
Print Design
Web Design Direction

Project Notes
Vossen Wheels is not shy of exploring unknown territory. For this release, the team wanted to design and manufacture a limited edition wheel in specific sizes. Once the wheels sold-out, they would break the mold; an industry first.

The project had multiple stages; brand development, marketing campaign, packaging, print/digital materials and environmental design for the launch campaign. Again, teaming up with Adeo.tv for web design integration and Think Red Inc. for event organization, the VLE-1 was a hefty project well worth the time it took to build.

The Short Film

A look at the process of making the VLE-1 campaign. The short film made it's debut at the "VLE-1 Exposed" launch party hosted in Toys for Boys Boutique. Here you'll see the process for the campaign, the packaging and all the work the hired photographers from all over the US.

The Wheel Center Cap

The wheel center-cap is one of the most important features for a new wheel campaign. It is not only used on the wheel itself, it should be flexible enough to use in multiple mediums and serves as the brand for the wheel. The VLE-1 required a certain look for the limited edition campaign. We made a few rough concepts (below) and made certain changes to make it look like a collectible coin.

The Center-Cap Kit

Vossen wanted to create a unique experience for those who purchased a limited edition VLE-1. The center-cap box was introduced. A kit containing the wheel center-caps, certificate of authenticity and a swag pack. We teamed up with Fast Kit in Miami to help build our concepts after pitching a few layouts. The box featured some matte foil, soft finish, inside foil, linen paper stock and multiple compartments.

The Lookbook

The connection between an online campaign and the consumer; the mighty catalog (or in this case, the lookbook.) There is nothing better than having a tangible piece to take home. The VLE-1 featured not only the wheel and process but the beautiful imagery from automotive photographers from all over the US like Clifford Sutrisno, John Zhang, Anthony Anderson, William Stern and many others. Each set is their take on the wheel and their city. Our job was to curate all the images into a seamless layout that would make any enthusiast proud to have this on their coffee table.