Vossen Sky Lounge

Vossen Wheels

Sky Lounge Campaign

Creative Direction
Event Brand Development
Marketing Design
Print Design
Product Design
Type Development

Project Notes
The Vossen Wheels team wanted to blow their clients and dealers away for 2015’s SEMA event in Las Vegas. They decided to make a private lounge at the Mandarin Oriental. We teamed up with Think Red Inc and the Vossen Wheels team to create an unforgettable experience for their clients.

We were tasked to help in multiple facets; help create the name and language, brand for the event, design for marketing materials in print and online/digital, way-finding and signage, apparel design.

One of the main debuts was the Vossen Wheels x Work Wheels collaboration which we helped brand and create materials for as well.


For the Sky Lounge brand name, a custom typeface was created dubbed "Ocean Sans Pro." Neon-style characters inspired by Las Vegas signage. Thin, rounded weight that can be used in multiple mediums.

Marketing Invitations

Print and digital invitations were made to invite dealers and distributors. Invitees would receive a link to a splash page to RSVP. They would then receive a postcard with the date of the reservation and metal VIP passes. These VIP passes were made out of materials that resemble materials used in wheel manufacturing. Designed in a style to compliment the event brand. Etched at MyMetalBusinessCards.

The Sky Lounge Event

Working with event coordinators at Think Red Inc, we provided creative for signage, booth sections, collateral and merch/apparel. One of the features in the event was the Vossen Forged wheel finishes color box. Alongside local packaging shop, Fast Kit, we helped concept, prototype and build the color box. A cool feature to help show finishes to Vossen clients.