Social Club Misfits — "Into the Night"

Social Club Misfits duo, Marty & Fern, approached us to create another album package artwork for their 11th album, “Into The Night.”

The album vibe had a throwback style to the days of 80s/90s hip-hop—moods that we translated into the album package. We pulled inspiration from old records to create a unique experience of packaging a CD in a retro vinyl style.

Client: Social Club Misfits
Sector: Arts & Culture
Discipline: Branding

Branding —The "Into the Night" Artwork

Using a typeface reminiscent of American woodtypes of the late nineteenth century, the primary visual element of the brand, “Into The Night” was built using a type-treatment that emulates retro-neon signage from the late 70s to early 80s.

We searched for and then scanned cardboard paper textures found in old vinyls — shrink-plastic wrap, worn edges, original stickers and price tags — to create a CD packaged as a vinyl. The CD label was designed as a fun surprise when the user opens the jewel case, in style of a bright vinyl record.

Album Booklet —Inside the Jewel Case

A 5-panel booklet aimed at paying tribute to the culture of Social Club Misfits. We continued the retro vibe, designing the booklet with line elements that reveal new sections of content.

Behind-the-Scene —An Inside Look

The Into the Night artwork was created using lots of textures and image manipulation effects. We took a hands-on-approach finding these textures ourselves and scanning and manipulating them into elements we could use.


Portraits & Concert Photography: Social Club Misfits