NIFTY Electronics

Nifty Electronics

Nifty Brand Package


Packaging: Nosh Studio
Photography: Various
Video: Never Sleep

Brand Development
Creative Direction
Editorial/Layout Design
Merch Design
Packaging Direction
Print Design

Project Notes
We love doing work for local start-ups and NIFTY Electronics was no exception. In late 2015, we were tasked to brand one of the most impressive tech products to hit the industry, a small and powerful mobile charger. Along with rolling out various print, digital marketing materials and campaign strategies, we had to, cohesively, build a brand that reflected the product’s innovation, style and technology.

As one of the most powerful contenders in the mobile charging industry, the NIFTY project was an exciting opportunity to really get creative with the marketing materials and online campaigns.

Logo Concepts

Exploring type-treatments, logotype and icons was very fun. To create various styles we focused on some of the attributes of the product such as power, technology, quickness, and innovation. This led us to an ample exploration of icons and logotypes that eventually led us to the master logo.

Master & Alternative Logos

Sometimes the best approach to a brand is to not complicate the execution. After exploring various logomarks and icons, we opted to use a sans-serif, strong typeface. Together with the NIFTY team, we narrowed down to a few logotype concepts that worked. The logotype needed to communicate tech familiarity and powerful luxury.

The Product: Brand & Design

One of the selling features of the NIFTY was it's beautiful design. It was important that the brand reflected the product's sophistication without limiting product portfolio expansion as the brand evolved.


The packaging design was built by the team at Nosh Studio. They did a great job of using our brand guide and maintaining brand consistency. We helped give some creative direction on typography, iconography and layout.

A big part of packaging was the Quick Start Guide. We needed to layout the NIFTY guide so that it was easily understood in multiple languages. We redrew some of the illustrations as the NIFTY charger and cable design evolved throughout each update.


Using the new brand, we also needed to create various print (and digital) materials. One of the important pieces was the Media Kit. This would be sent out across the industry to influencers and possible retailers so the content needed to be just as attractive as it was educational.

Apparel & Headwear

One of the future projects for NIFTY is their merch. We concepted a few classic styles that the NIFTY team could wear at summits, events and other gatherings. We helped connect the team to various vendors in our network.


We teamed-up with another pair of local creatives, Never Sleep Brand, to create a short video for a Tech Summit the team would attend. This video featured the first version NIFTY, as it was later upgraded. The quick production was done at a local creative space, MADE at the Citadel and featured all hands on deck.