Faith Conference 2013

Our colleague, Tommy Diego, hired us for their church's "Faith 2013 Conference." The theme was fighting the good fight of faith, which they had a whole boxing arena style of marketing throughout their collateral.

We used their boxing glove image along with the brand to make a typographical design out of quotes and scriptures. Printed them at a local house using 20# bond large format paper and installed with cooked wheatpaste. Wood typography was provided by Carved Woodworks.

Vossen Wheels

For SEMA 2013, Vossen Wheels wanted a Private Booth experience. The idea was to tell the Vossen story in a creative, typographical way along the front of the booth.

The other parts of the booth were wheatpasted and hand-lettered. Acrylic letters were installed on top of the artwork.

The Artisan Lounge

The Artisan Lounge is a collective space for creatives. In it's opening, we installed a typographic wall using a quote provided by the, then, director David Elgena.

Printed on 20# bond large format paper and installed with cooked wheatpaste.

Onboard Media

A college classmate, Dayana Ramirez, recommended our work for a wall art project in South Beach at On Board Media. They were in the process of renovating their creative space and needed some art for a wall that was roughly 30′ wide.

They wanted to add inspirational, travel related quotes throughout the wall and supplied the quotes. Keeping the type in two colors, with the idea that the orange letters would not only be vinyl, but 3D, possibly foam cut-outs. The budget didn’t allow for it, so the letters remained simple vinyl cutouts. A local shop was hired for the install.