Gawvi — EP Artwork

Reach Records artist Gabriel ‘Gawvi’ Azucena hired us to create a two-part album artwork project for his debut EP, “Lost in Hue” and “Holding Hue.” We pitched the idea of using the RGB symbol to represent the album’s brand. The RGB symbol also cleverly contains the triquetra, a representation of the artist’s background.

Client: Reach Records
Sector: Entertainment
Discipline: Branding

EP 1 —Lost in Hue

For the first EP, we designed a digital representation of the RGB and triquetra symbol. Designed so that both symbols appeared together but also independent of each other.

EP 2 —Holding Hue

For the second EP, we designed an organic representation of the RGB and triquetra symbol. Using spray paint and a homemade circle, we drew the symbols over black and white prints of Gawvi’s profile.


Photography: Reach Records