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Project Notes
During her time at Christ Fellowship (CF), a local church, our Art Director was part of an in-house team responsible for the church’s website redesign. CF is about people and about creating relationships so the challenge was to build a website that was people centric and that clearly identified the ways CF nurtures the formation of relationships through various ministries. We also needed to communicate that CF is a church for today’s people, so conveying a sense of relevance and practicality was paramount. To meet these goals, we took careful consideration into how we built the site in terms of layout, imagery, words (how we said things), and typography selection. The screens below represent the ideas of a team that became the foundation for the web redesign and have since evolved into what is now their current site.

Sans Redesign

The pre-redesign website was evidently outdated not only in terms of what we normally find on the web but also lacked brand cohesiveness.

The Redesign

Our examination of the sans redesigned site led us to focus on how CF was conveying itself. We had to realign its digital face with who CF is, a multifaceted and multicultural mega-church focused on bringing people closer to Christ.

Interior Screens

Mobile Screens