Carved Woodworks Brand Refresh & Product Launch

A local woodshop, Carved Woodworks, approached us for a brand refresh and product launch of their Select Collection.

Client: Carved Woodworks
Sector: Manufacturing
Discipline: Brand & Marketing

Visual Exploration —Furniture Tiers

The first phase of the project was to restructure the company’s furniture portfolio into three tiers: Select Collection, Bespoke Furniture, and Exclusive Furniture. Each tier had its price point and its target customer. The goal being to offer custom, handmade furniture to anyone that would like personalized design in their spaces.

Visual Exploration —The Tier System

We explored a few visual solutions and narrowed it down to three icons that would become the Carved Woodworks Tier System.

Product Photography —Presenting the Product

We partnered with Yesi Flores from Neversleep and Ace Props Miami to photograph the Select Collection, the only tier available for immediate purchase online.

Online Shop —Making the Select Collection Accessible

Part of the Select Collection product launch was to make it accessible for online purchase. We built a site that allowed customers to easily find their products and purchase them.

Video —The Carved Woodworks Story

A component of the brand refresh was sharing the Carved Woodworks story with its customers. We wanted to communicate company values, to share the process of hand-crafting furniture, and to emphasize the legacy invested in each piece. We partnered with Andy Ryan Flores from Neversleep to put together a few minutes of visuals and storytelling. Watch the video below.


Production Team: Neversleep
Product Photography: Yesi Flores
Video: Andy Ryan Flores
Shoot Location: Ace Props Miami