BSJI — Banco San Juan Internacional

Banco San Juan Internacional (BSJI) approached us to collaborate on the revamp of their entire digital portfolio, including the Financial Portal for web and mobile apps for phones and tablets.

Client: BSJI
Sector: Banking & Finance
Discipline: User Interface (UI) /User Experience (UX)

Mobile Experience —BSJI App for Phones & Tablets

Our primary responsibility was managing the user experience and user interface of both the mobile and tablet apps. Visually, we also had to ensure that each aligned with the BSJI brand standards.

Web Experience —Financial Portal

We were also responsible for managing the UX/UI for the Financial Portal — the way customers accessed their accounts. These screens were designed for web, each responsive to screen size.


Creative Direction & UI/UX: ACVDO Co
Website & App Design / Development: MercadeusFoonkie Monkey

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