Banco San Juan Internacional (BSJI)



User Interface Design (UI)
User Experience (UX)
Web / Mobile App

Project Notes
Banco San Juan Internacional (BSJI), an international bank, approached us to collaborate on the revamp of their entire digital portfolio, including website and mobile app. Together with Mercadeus and Foonkie Monkey, we worked off the newly established identity and digital guidelines to create the new BSJI banking experience.

Website & Portal UI/UX

The first phase of the project was to manage the new portal’s user experience. Using predetermined visual guidelines, we revised parts of the interface and designed new UI elements the create the best experience for the user.

Watch the BSJI homepage experience

Watch the BSJI Portal experience

App: Tablet UI/UX

The second phase of the project was designing the app screens. Our primary responsibility was managing the user experience in the screens Foonkie Monkey designed – at times having to create new UI elements or explore layout alternatives to achieve the best experience.

App: Mobile Phone UI/UX

Similar to the tablet screens, our primary responsibility was managing the user experience. With such small screen sizes, we had to devise specific visual elements and layouts – if it functioned in mobile, it was more than likely to function on larger screens.

Watch the mobile experience

To experience the project for yourself, you can visit:

Or download the app:

Creative Direction: BSJI
Website Design & Development: Mercadeus
App Design & Development: Foonkie Monkey