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Puerto Rico Market Launch

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Project Notes
We were hired by the American Heart Association to help launch a market in Puerto Rico. We were responsible for a social campaign that effectively promoted three specific messages: healthy eating, stroke warning signs (F.A.S.T), and heart health. Due to the cultural/eating habits of Puerto Ricans and the economic situation in the island, we had to find clever ways of relaying these messages. We wanted the content to be relevant to them (this market tends to be mixed into the greater South American demographic), spoken in their native Spanish (yes, it’s different), and carry some light humor to these often serious topics.

Special thanks to Wanda Fraguada from Parallel 18 for the local counsel. 

Project Results
Total Facebook Page Followers
APR 1: 7,505 (#1 account in Greater Southeast Affiliate)
FEB 21: 3,947 (#5 account in GSA)
3,558 new followers (90% Increase)

Total Facebook Engagements – FY16
APR 1: 24,254 (#3 in GSA)
FEB 21: 4,295 (#13 in GSA)
19,959 new Facebook Engagements (465% Increase)

Posts Ranks
2 of the top 3 posts NATIONALLY | FY16
7 of the top 17 posts in the GSA | FY16


No. 1 — Healthy Eating

The objective of this campaign was to promote healthier eating. We knew Puerto Ricans had cultural habits that would be hard to break, so instead we focused on typical meals and offered healthier cooking alternatives. Instead of frying their pork chops, we recommended they try baking it instead.

No. 2 — Stroke

The goal of this campaign was to let Puerto Ricans know a stroke could be prevented if they were aware of its warning signs. Our research indicated that social platforms were a place most Puerto Ricans gathered, meaning they used it daily. We took that habit and the familiarity with notifications to establish a similarity between that and the signs of a stroke. 

No. 3 — Heart Awareness

Our research indicated that many Puerto Ricans don’t always seek care in time (there are many factors that contribute to this) to prevent poor health. Instead many may tend to their illnesses with home remedies or over-the-counter medications.

We wanted to communicate that seeking proper care in time made a huge difference on the ability for their health to significantly improve. Because the campaign was launched during the holidays, we implemented the concept of fixing broken holiday items with adhesive bandages to introduce a similarity between that and not seeking proper care.