We creatives have our “go to” websites we visit daily for either inspiration, motivation and/or rofl’ing. But we also have sites we visit to find resources that would make our jobs easier and more productive. Thanks to the great creative community we work in, there are many, many websites that provide us with valuable freebies. Here are a few of my favorite hidden gems I visit daily/weekly for goodies that make my life easier. I’d like to share these with you.

Angel A. Acevedo
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This website is hosted by Australian designer, Blaz Robar. He graciously offers plenty of PSD website templates, free UI elements & free PSDs. He dubs himself “the Robin Hood of PSD files.” I’m still yet to browse through all of his pieces.

→ Go to Blazobar


PSD Covers

This one is one of my favorites. I found this mega-jewel whilst searching on Dribbble for some Photoshop Actions. The ultimate “mockup” tool, PSDCovers allows you to download preset actions that will turn any design into a believable mockup. Perfect for design students and/or pros that want to impress their client with realistic looking mockups.

→ Go to PSD Covers



FreebiesBug has a massive collection of Free PSD, CSS snippets, fonts & patterns. The site is easy to navigate to find the goodies you’re looking for. “Freebiesbug is an alert service detecting the best free resources for web designers. Any freebie has been hand-picked by our staff.”

→ Go to Freebiesbug


Creative Market

Creative Market has plenty of paid resources, from graphics to fonts, templates to add-ons. But they do have a freebie section with weekly round-ups.

→ Go to Creative Market

Honorable Mention


Photoshop Etiquette

I don’t quite remember how I stumbled on this site, but I’m so glad I did (and so are the developers I work with.) This site isn’t as much free stuff as it is free valuable information. Photoshop Etiquette is “A Guide to Discernible Web Design in Photoshop.” They offer tips on files, layers, images, type effects, practices & exporting. A must read for any web creative or anyone that uses Photoshop daily.

→ Go to PS Etiquette