Who We Are

We are a creative haus located in sunny Miami’s Little River District 🌴 ☀️ surrounded by palm trees, beaches, the smell of cafecito and gridlock traffic.

Design is our business. And it’s our passion to create work that’s not only beautiful, but functional. Building brand identities and evolving them into print, digital, and marketing spheres is what we’re good at and what we enjoy most.

Banco San Juan Internacional (BSJI)

Banco San Juan Internacional (BSJI), an international bank, approached us to collaborate on the revamp of their entire digital portfolio, including bank website and mobile app.


Vornado approached us to brand a pilot project they were launching early this year called WhyHotel — a way to monetize underutilized apartments by temporarily furnishing the units and renting them out as hotel rooms.

American Heart Association | PR

We were hired by the American Heart Association to help launch a market in Puerto Rico. We were responsible for a social campaign that effectively promoted three specific messages: healthy eating, stroke warning signs (F.A.S.T), and heart health.

NIFTY Electronics

We love doing work for local start-ups and NIFTY Electronics was no exception. In late 2015, we were tasked to brand one of the most impressive tech products to hit the industry, a small and powerful mobile charger.

Around the Internets

A weekly dose of things around the world-wide web we find super cool.

How to Handle Studio Hours

Our Art Director, reached out to the Sidecar team (Focus Lab) and asked about studio hours.

Our Journal

We have some words to say and things to share.

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It Takes a Village to Make a Free Logo

I sent an letter (email) to the Mayor of El Portal in response to the idea of a Town asking for…

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